Update¬†April 03……

We have added a new sections on the website Radar Runs to show the time that the members ran with their machines. We have also updated our Sponsor page adding ALL our sponsors to the website, so please if you are looking for services, repairs, food or fuel please go to our sponsor page and call them for all your need or click on there ad to go to their website. A BIG Thank You to All Our Sponsors For Keeping Our Club Going and To All Our Volunteers because without all of you this just would not happen. Also thanks to all our board members for all their hard work and making the best of our 2016/2017 season


If any of you riders have any good picture of your sleds, action shots of you riding or a group of you and your friends riding send them to info@snowgoers.ca I would love to post them in our gallery on the website….



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